Inf Got Beats

Inf Got Beats


The Freestyle Set, the show dedicated to entertaining my followers, is launching on Youtube in late Q2!!!  I will be using industry beats for freestyles, remaking industry beats for spare songs, and even releasing completely original material on this show!  Check back for updates.


The instrumental is only previewable on this site and soundcloud.  Please submit any relevant information if the instrumental is found posted ANYWHERE else without authorization.  All piracy and unauthorized use subject to copyright claims and swift legal action.  The instrumentals for ALL cyphers are prizes for contest winners, battle winners, and cypher winners.  Some instrumentals will also be placed on sale in the future.  Submissions are not to be shared on any platform for the protection of the rights of the artists using them in the future.  Submissions are accepted and reviewed at the email provided above ONLY.

No party may edit, remake, remix, etc. these instrumentals.  Rough / home recordings are both accepted and preferred.  Please make sure the lyrics are easy to hear.  Not all submissions will receive a response, however, ALL interestees may continue to make submissions for future cypher events.

DO NOT submit to any unnamed party.  Protect your intellectual property.  Bars, Inc. can offer no legal protections to any interestees.